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A concentrated formula of seven herbal extracts and essential oils, known by herbal health authorities for their ability to improve oral health. Combined for the first time to release their synergistic powers as Nature’s Oral SolutionTM

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I must tell you how happy I am with Peri-Gum.   I had 4 of my teeth fall out in my hand.  I was speaking with my sister who informed me she had started using Peri-Gum a year ago and now her gums were healed and they are growing back.  “Didn’t I tell you’ she asks?  No I said.  My teeth have been bleeding for 40 years and nothing the Doctors did would stop it.  On October 15 I started using Peri-Gum and on November 15 my gums have not bled for 8 days.  What a Miracle.  The Dentist said he will start working on my teeth in a couple of weeks to save the rest of them.  My gums have stopped bleeding and my teeth have tightened up enough for me to eat normal food with out pain.  Toast is wonderful.  I want to thank you and God for answering my prayer.

AM Arizona



This is a follow-up letter about Peri-Gum.  Since I called you and received my Peri-Gum , my life has changed.  As you know 4 of my teeth had fallen out due to severe bleeding gums that no Dentist could heal.  I had tried every kind of stuff that was available on the market, none of which worked for me.  When Per-Gum arrived, I started using 25 drops, 3 times a day.  As of today, my results are:  all my gums stopped bleeding.  My bridges which were loose and almost falling out, are tight and I am able to eat toast, meat, and raw salad for the first time in 11 years.  No dentist is going to get the chance to pull all the rest of my teeth out.  Thanks to Peri-Gum.  You are a blessing from God to all of us who have suffered with incurable gum disease.  Thank you again.  God Bless.

AM in Arizona



My husband used the drops as a sinus wash and it was effective to relieve his sinus drainage.  We are very pleased with the results we have obtained with the first two bottles.

BB Tennessee



I have just used my first bottle of Peri-Gum and love it!  Please send me a case as soon as possible.  I am getting low and I want to share with Friends.

KO in Florida


Peri-Gum!  The mouthwash works amazingly well.  Please send me 4 bottles more.  I am glad I came across your name and product especially now to help stop my gums from rotting away.

CA in Nevada


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