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A concentrated formula of seven herbal extracts and essential oils, known by herbal health authorities for their ability to improve oral health. Combined for the first time to release their synergistic powers as Nature’s Oral SolutionTM

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I have had amazing results with Peri-Gum which I have used for the past 6 months.  My teeth have been steadily deteriorating over the past couple of decades.  And  I believe that the bacteria in my mouth has had a lot to do with my worsening digestive problems which were becoming serious.  At 54 years of age, I realized my teeth were becoming a major problem, and I had no idea what to do about it.  Brushing and flossing and regular changing of my toothbrush etc were not solving the problem.  Constant cavities, moderate bleeding of gums remained.  But the first thing I noticed after starting Peri-Gum use (which I first read about in Health Sciences brochure) was that the slight bleeding I would sometimes notice seemed to have stopped completely.  Still, I didn’t think it would be powerful enough to prevent cavities, but nonetheless I continued to use it for my gum health.  Today at the dentist I realized that it did so.  But first let me mention that about one year ago I noticed a tiny brown corrosion on my front bottom tooth about the size of a pinhead.  Over the months, it kept enlarging, and I knew it was a cavity forming.  Because of some close calls with cardiac arrest (due to anesthetic allergy) at the dentist, I kept hesitating to go have it filled.  By the time I began the Peri-Gum therapy the hole was already quarter the size of my little fingernail.  After three months using Peri-Gum I noticed that the hole had not gotten any larger and still had not gone into the pulp of the tooth.  So I decided to begin squirting the dropper of the Peri-Gum right into the hole of the cavity directly, each night after brushing my teeth, and then after a moment or two scooping in water and swishing up to 45 seconds or so.  I have been doing this for the past three months.  So, today when I went to the dentist I didn’t quite know what to expect, since for me a trip to the dentist has always resulted in discovery of cavities for sure.  First shock was when he said to me  This hole is not a cavity, it appears to be from maybe a filling that has dropped out”.  I was shocked and asked him if he could see any cavity in it at all, and he replied, “No, not at all” I knew this was not a where a filling had been because over the past year I have watched the brown corrosion become bigger.  But I did not bother to tell him that, I just smiled to myself.  Then I asked him to check my mouth for any other cavities, which he did, and told me that I do not have any!  I was in shock!  He also told me my gums looked very good!  I knew it was all the result of Peri-Gum.  I realized that it had halted the offending bacteria inside the cavity by destroying it.  I know that good health begins in the mouth, and I fell that Peri-Gum has helped me deal with other health issues because it has cleaned up my mouth.  I am so grateful for it and I shall continue to always use it and what’s more when my family all heard about my dentist visit, they all started using it!


AH from CA



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